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  • Outdoor Furniture Selection in San Diego: A Complete Buying Guide

    The world is thawing out a little, but tourist time probably won’t look like years past yet in 2021. Lots of people are still enjoying spring from home! Might as well be comfortable. 

    Turn your old patio into a cozy space and enjoy the season! Nice patio furniture is a great start to creating a space that’s your own.

    Your Guide When It Comes to Purchasing Outdoor Furniture

    Here are some considerations before you buy your new furniture.

    1.) Go for low-maintenance furniture.

    It’s nice out, but both sun and rain can be hard on furniture, especially if you buy low quality pieces. Look for easy-to-clean outdoor furniture for your Carlsbad home. As the name suggests, outdoor furniture is for outdoor use.

    2.) Match it with your patio.

    Your outdoor furniture should be both functional and pretty-- but no matter how pretty it was in the showroom or on line, make sure you think about the place it will actually sit and weather the furniture will match it! 

    3.) Measure your space.

    Rookie mistake: Buy the furniture and find it doesn’t fit the space when you get home. MEASURE TWICE! (Not a bad rule for indoor furniture either.)

    4.) Choose wisely. 

    Furniture is an investment. Make sure you know what you want from your furniture, and do your research.

    If you want to know where to get the perfect outdoor furniture for you, then look no further than Skylar's Home and Patio! Our selection of quality outdoor furniture can contribute to your best spring staycation yet. Check out our website at or visit our Carlsbad showroom now to learn more about us! 

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