Building Your Own Sectional for Your Carlsbad Home

There aren't many differences between houses before they're personalized. They're just empty shells made out of wood and concrete with nothing inside. When you furnish your home, you’re giving it a personality. Beautifully-designed, functional furniture like sectionals are a great investment. And in today's fast-paced world, “build your own sectional" services are a burgeoning convenience.


Benefits of Building Your Own Sectional

If the windows are the eyes of the room, the living room is the very heart of a home. A well-designed living room fully reflects its owner. Building your own sectional is a great way to express your personality in the room you probably use most! It’s simpler than it sounds.  

Choosing the right type, design, and size of your furniture is very important. Remember, the fancy stuff is all for nothing if it doesn't fit your space - be it your living room or your patio. There are always different implications when it comes to building your own sectional. A large monolith would look out of place in a small room, for example.  

We at Skylar’s Home and Patio in Carlsbad have a wide array of furniture and fixtures for your ideal home. Personalizing homes isn't just for the rich; we make sure that every customer feels good when buying our products.  

How to Build Your Own Sectional

These four steps will put you on the right path to building a sectional that suits your personality and your house:

1.) Measure It Out

Before anything else, measure the room's dimensions. A beautiful centerpiece will be all for nothing if it doesn't fit. Measuring the distance between the walls and the floor and from corner to corner.  

2.) Which O'Clock?

Knowing which way you’ll face your furniture is also important. To figure which side to put it in, first think about the entire layout of the room. Where will you want everyone sitting? What will they see from there?  

3.) Mix-And-Match

Francis Bacon once said that "there is no beauty that hath not some strangeness in its proportions". Sometimes, a little personalization goes a long way. You are your own person, and there is no sin in mixing and matching!

4.) Pick Your Fabric Of Choice

Different fabrics react differently depending on the person using them. When it comes to buying the perfect material, always choose with everyone in the house in mind, especially if anyone has sensitivity to certain materials. Another consideration is how a material looks as it wears. Leather is a fantastic material that takes a long time to wear. However, when it starts to deteriorate, it won't look good, and you'd need to buy a new one or have it redone. Yet another consideration is the durability factor, especially if you have young children or pets.  

Personalizing your space can be simple. Skylar's Home and Patio, located in Carlsbad, offers much more than personalization of your own sectional; we offer you an outlet for your creativity. Visit our website at to reserve a spot and achieve your dream custom sectional! We provide you with a personalized shopping experience. Set a date, and we’ll be waiting for you! 

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