How to Get the Measurement of Your Dream Custom Sectional Sofas Near Solana Beach

Watching the beautiful scenery of Solana Beach from the comfort of your own custom sectional sofas is even better than it sounds: Peaceful. Relaxing. Whether you’re taking it easy after tiring work or spending quality time with family, a great sectional is always a favorite spot. Who would say no to happy bonding with loved ones while staying relaxed and comfortable?


The Convenience of Custom Sectional Sofa

Everybody wants a home full of quality, comfortable furniture, but cleaning and arranging it all  can be daunting. Think for a moment about just the sofa in your living room. How many times have you moved it trying to get it to fit just right? A sectional sofa makes this a lot easier.

Ready-made sofas can be nice, but custom sectional sofas have unique benefits. One factor to consider when buying a sofa is your space. You may see lots of ready-made sofas that look pretty enough, but not every one you like will necessarily fit in your living room or hallway when you get it there. With custom sectional sofas, you can spend more time enjoying your Solana Beach home instead of rearranging it.  

Additionally, when you shop online it can be frustrating to see the sectional sofa design you want just to find out your color is sold out or that your model is no longer available. A custom sectional sofa guarantees you get the size and look you’re after, made to order. 

How to Measure for a Custom Sectional Sofa

Sectional sofas maximize your sitting space, and if you get the size right, a custom sectional sofa will suit your space for as long as you choose to keep it. 

Remembering these tips when you look to order the perfect sofa for your space!

Start by Measuring Your Space

One of the first things to do is measure the space where you want you to put your custom sectional sofa. Get a tape measure and check the length, width, and height of your room to ensure that your custom sectional sofa will fit your area. While you can use different measuring apps, using a tape measure is best for getting the most exact measurements.  

Mark and Tape the Area for Your Custom Sectional Sofa

Now that you have identified your space, choose the exact spot where you want your custom sectional sofa to start out. For this part, ensure that you select an open area that will not cause any disturbance or limit your movement.

Now mark the area you selected with a tape to visualize how much space your custom sectional sofa will occupy your in chosen place. Getting the exact measurements at this point is not necessary. Keep adjusting the tape until you feel like you’ve found the best size, look, and form. 

Measure Other Areas Too

Do not forget to check other areas too, like doorways or hallways. Make sure that your custom sectional will fit through the door when it’s delivered!  

Entrusting your items to a trusted, reliable business is the first step to getting the perfect custom sectional sofa for your home. If you are unsure of what designs, styles, or sizes you need for your space, Skylar's Home and Patio is ready to help, and we have the best living room furniture deals and a variety of wide selections. Visit us online at Skylar's Home and Patio or call us at (760) 729-3100.

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