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  • A Place Called Home: Build Your Own Sectional in Encinitas

    Home is where people should feel the safest and most comfortable. It is where we lounge in comfy outfits and enjoy our friends. That’s why people tend to build their dream houses and design them with great furniture. Of course, people have different preferences when it comes to the design and location of their homes. Some prefer the city and the busy streets while others dream of living near the beach and feeling the calming breeze of the ocean.



    If you prefer the latter, then you'll love a Southern California gem of a city called Encinitas. It has a sandy surfing beach, ample campsites, and even unique vegetation! Modern homes with lovely patios are everywhere. Many have sectionals and sofas. These provide more space and can go in any part of the house. They maximize seating options and their flexibility provides more options for placing other furniture.  

    Essential things to Remember in Choosing Sectionals

    There are a lot of stores that offer sectional furniture, and the choices are endless. With these wide varieties of options, it is hard to choose one. This is why some stores offer build-your-own sectionals for people who want a personalized touch. From size to design, name it and they can build it for you. However, before buying a sectional, there are a few tips to keep in mind in order to avoid investing in something that you will regret later.

    Below are some things to remember when you decide to build your own sectional:

    • The first thing to do is to measure the space and know the dimensions of your place. Start by measuring the doors that the furniture will pass through to make sure it will fit. Also, don't forget to consider the pattern of the room it will be placed when you decide on upholstery.

    • Consider the fabric. Choose something that is not only good to look at but also something that has a comfortable feel. If you have sensitive skin, perhaps consider a hypoallergenic material.

    • Knowing the difference between right-facing and left-facing sectionals is also a must. Keep in mind that the one side is longer than the other. That will help distinguish where the sectional should face.

    • Another thing to remember is to check the depth and height of the seat and consider those options in light of whether you're going to sit on it or you're also going to sleep on it. If the purpose will be both, then a wider sectional is good idea.

    • Get something with a couple of colors that will match your home. Planning a color scheme important. It's great to see a sectional that matches the color of the walls of the house. 

    • When it comes to sectionals, it is also good to consider if you want it with arms.

    • The shape of the sectional and any accouterments is also essential. There are sectionals and sofas with ottomans, chaises, and recliners, coming with curved or angled ends. Be sure to search the differences between each to know which fits your taste.

    • Lastly, the size and shape of an accompanying coffee table should be taken into account, as well. A living area is rarely complete without a coffee table or center table. Measure and make sure that the table fits the sectional that you will choose.

    Shopping for new furniture is fun and complicated. There are a lot of things to know and take into consideration. But, it is just reasonable to be picky when it comes to furniture and designing your home. After all, it is yours to live in. It is a place where you rest from all stresses and everyday hassle. Try out new ideas to design your home. If you are having a hard time deciding, searching the Internet is a good first step.

    Interested in sectionals? Skylar's Home and Patio is North County San Diego's #1 custom sectional showroom and premium outdoor patio furniture retailer. You can shop their inventory in-store or online. Skylar’s has a wide array of custom sectionals, sofas, and other homes, office, and outdoor patio furniture. Visit them at or contact them at (760) 729-3100. Start achieving your dream house today by designing it with high-quality furniture.


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