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Are you looking for a beautiful piece of furniture to fit in with your newly bought home in San Diego? Perhaps you feel that your living room is feeling quite dull and needs some spicing up? Or maybe you just want a fresh, new sofa to lounge on? Since homes in San Diego are well-known for their modern and innovative style, it is only appropriate that you get a sofa that fits that style. There is nothing more on-trend today than sectional sofas. They look superb and easily fit in with your current household, and it’s even something you can build yourself.

What Is a Sectional Sofa?

Whenever we hear the term sectional sofa, most of us immediately visualize a massive couch in the form of an L-shape. While such impressions could indeed represent some sectionals around today, it does not do justice to the versatility and actual value of this particular piece of living room furniture. Sectional sofas are some of the most practical pieces of upholstered furniture for both large and small living rooms. With the fantastic number of varying pieces that could make up the sectional with a modern look, it’s no wonder people love them. It may appear as a classy sleeper sofa, as a short single chair piece, or even as something that is DIY. And the last area is where we would put our focus on for today.


How to Build Your Own Sectional Sofa

Given the right knowledge of the products and the appropriate tools at hand, one can suitably produce their very own sectional sofa. Before we continue with the how’s, let us first give you a couple of notes to live by. There is a specific reason sofas available today cost a thousand dollars or more. Producing them requires vast knowledge regarding both woodworking and sewing.

Since sectionals and other forms of sofas are typically made from varying types of wood, in order to create one for yourself, you should at least be proficient in woodworking. This includes the practice of handling several different power tools, traditional tools, and joinery. Right after the wooden foundation or base, of course, you’d have to cushion it up and cover it. That is where the sewing comes into play — not only to produce the right cushion for the sofa, but also the ability to use upholstery tools. If you do have those required skills, you may now proceed to the planning.

Everything that is great today was once before just a plan, and DIY sectional sofas are no different. Appropriate planning is required to pull off such a project. Determine whether you want a traditional-looking variant or a modern one. Identify if you’d use webbings instead of springs, tapestry tacks or staple guns, and more. The planning stage also includes the identification of the desired sofa dimensions, the fabric to be used, as well as the overall design and aesthetic.

With all that out of the way, let us now proceed with the construction of your very own DIY sectional sofa. Simplifying the overall process, we could boil down the whole construction stage into three different parts: the wooden frame, the upholstery, and the finishing.

  • The Wooden Frame

  • Now that you have the appropriate plan and tools ready at your disposal, you may now proceed with the actual building of the sofa. Pull out your woodworking tools and start cutting the boards to the size of your planned measurements. This requires a lot of accurate measuring, as making a mistake with the wooden frame will spell disaster for your overall product. Cut and put together your wooden frame slowly but surely. Remember that you’ll be dealing with several hazardous tools in this section. It’s better to lose some time in building rather than losing a finger.

  • The Upholstery

  • After getting the wooden frame done, we will now proceed with the webbing and cushioning of the sofa. This step will include a lot of stapling and weaving of materials. After the webbing is put into place, now is the time to pull out your foam. However, let them decompress for a day first before actually putting them on the sofa. Start producing your covers while the foam is decompressing. Sew your cloth to the appropriate sizes and cover the whole thing, including the foam.

  • The Finishing

  • The final part of the whole project is the process of staining the wood and sealing it. This will give your sectional sofa a nice, clean look. Since this is the finishing of your sofa, you may do whatever you may please within this step as long as it contributes to the production of the said sofa.

    It is indeed a bit complicated, we know. That being said, we recommend that you seek professional help when building your own sectional sofa, especially if you are a DIY novice. If you live in San Diego, then good news for you! Skylar’s Home and Patio is here for you! Build your dream DIY sectional sofa with our help, or perhaps pick out a high-quality sofa from our collection today. If you want more information, you may readily visit our website today at Skylar's Home and Patio or call us at (760) 729-3100.
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