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As the furniture market becomes saturated with cookie-cutter sectionals, many homeowners are choosing to customize their own. Building your own sectional allows for complete control over size, shape, and fabric choices. It may take time and effort, but the result is a one-of-a-kind piece that perfectly fits your space and style. 

Skylar's Home and Patio is the premier custom sectional showroom and top outdoor patio furniture retailer in North County, San Diego. Purchase in-store or online. Custom sectionals and sofas, home decor, home and office furniture, Polywood choices, and outdoor patio furniture are all available. 

How to Build the Right Sectional

If you've ever played Tetris, it's something similar to that, but without the pressure of the pieces stacking up and the ticking timer. Take as much time as you require. It only takes a little bit of dragging and dropping to start seeing your sofa take shape after we give you a basic configuration to get your creative juices flowing. 

You're looking for a little sofa with one chaise, right? Start with a sofa or loveseat that is large enough for an apartment and expand from there. Or perhaps you require 10 seats in your extra-wide TV den. Add a connecting corner to join two sofa pieces, then two chaise pieces to finish it off. 

Important Considerations Before Customizing a Sectional for Your Space

Sectional sofas can be used in any setting, from modest studio apartments to large family rooms. Our large selection of parts allows you to design the right sectional for your needs. Continue reading for advice on how to choose your ideal sectional. 

Locate your configuration.

A sofa-with-chaise or L-shaped design allows one or two individuals to read, nap, or simply relax. U-shaped sectionals give you extra room to move about, and some are modular for optimum versatility. Curved sectionals are also available for an organic aesthetic and comfy seating. 

Take your measurements.

Make sure your desired sectional will fit in your home now that you've whittled it down. Our online sectional guides include precise measurements for each component as well as preconfigured sectionals. Pro tip: Mark the measurements on your floor with painter's tape to swiftly map out your possibilities. 

Expand your seating capacity. 

Choose armless couches and chairs, corners, and chaises for more seating that also allow you to accommodate traffic patterns in a room. Ottomans provide additional seats while also serving as a footrest or coffee table.

Choose your preferred sectional design.

For entertaining purposes, the largest sectional plan might not always be the greatest choice. Opting for a larger sectional than you require can be an expensive use of valuable space. Instead, try to choose a sectional arrangement option that can comfortably fit you, your home, and perhaps a couple of guests. The most popular sectional arrangement variants and their seating configurations are described here:

  • L-Shaped: These sectionals have a huge, two- to three-seat sofa and an additional, nearby loveseat or ottoman with one to two seats that meet at a corner to make an L shape. This group includes sofa chaises. The smallest and most common sectional orientations are L-shaped sectionals.
  • U-Shaped: U-shaped sectionals include huge, three to five-seat sofas flanked by two arms that face outward. Typically, one arm has a loveseat with one to two seats, while the other has an ottoman with one to two seats. U-shaped sectionals are much better suited for larger rooms or open layouts than L-shaped sectionals since the second arm extends into the space. 
  • Curved: Curved sectionals can seat four to 10 people and are distinguished by a single long sofa that curls in on itself. Curved sectionals are a bit challenging to place against a wall because of their soft bending shape, but they are stunning when positioned in the middle of the room next to a round coffee table. 

Choose Skylar’s Home and Patio for All Your Sectional Needs

It's time to think about the upholstery once you've decided on the size and design of your sofa. Sectionals are available in a wide range of materials and hues. Do you need a material that can withstand anything life throws, even sticky hands and muddy paws? Visit Skylar's Home and Patio for a detailed analysis of the qualities and advantages of each upholstery fabric.

Visit our showroom near San Diego and start to build your own sectional with us today. Call us now at (760) 729-3100 for more details!

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