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  • Skylar's Fabric Protection Plan

    Proudly Offering the Guardian 5yr. Fabric Protection Plan

    Customizing your dream sofa is step one. Step two is protecting it. If accidental stains such as grass, crayons, ballpoint ink pens, cosmetics, and the classic 'did I do that', wine spill strikes a chord, then the Guardian Furniture Protection Plan is the investment your new upholstered gem deserves!

    • Food or beverage stains on fabric, leather and wood.
    • Accidental stains caused by grass, crayons, grease, ballpoint pen ink, and cosmetics on upholstered furniture.
    • Rips, tears, burns and punctures on fabric or leather upholstery.
    • Liquid rings, heat marks and gouges on wood and stone.
    • Glass and mirror breakage 

    Fabric Furniture Care Tips

    Here are some tips to keep your furniture looking new. Remember, responding to a spill quickly will reduce the chance of it becoming a permanent stain. 

    • Immediately blot up liquid spills with a dry or lightly dampened (never wet) clean white cloth, sponge or paper towel. Be careful not to damage the surface by rubbing.
    • Gently scrape off any solid residue prior to cleaning. Work from the edge of the spill toward the center to prevent spreading.
    • Keep your fabric upholstered furniture at least two feet from radiators, fireplaces or other heat sources. Prolonged exposure to direct heat sources can damage the fibers in the fabric upholstery.
    • Avoid placing furniture in direct sunlight to help prevent fading.
    • Vacuum regularly.