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    Polywood Outdoor Furniture


    Our story began in the late 1980s when the outcome of government recycling programs created steadily growing mountains of recycled plastics. We saw opportunity in this landscape of overabundance, and through creative ingenuity, POLYWOOD® was born. Our low-maintenance, recyclable lumber was welcomed as a premier wood alternative in outdoor furniture with its all-weather endurance, improved aesthetics and exceptional durability.

    One of the first products developed was the Classic Adirondack, which remains a favorite among our customers today. Since then, we have expanded our product lines to include additional adirondack styles as well as dining, lounges, deep seating, benches and swings.

    Our goal is to deliver a quality product our customers want in a timely fashion. To achieve this vision, we developed state-of-the-art technology and lean manufacturing processes that have minimized our waste stream and ensured our products are built quickly and accurately. Our products are assembled, packaged and delivered all within days of receiving an order, satisfying the customer while saving warehouse space.

    Our continual growth and success is fueled by a highly collaborative culture. We support a cross-departmental atmosphere where employees are encouraged to utilize all of their skills to their full potential. Together, we keep a constant focus on the future and promise to create and deliver thoughtfully designed products made in the USA.

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