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  • Custom Upholstery Shopping Checklist

    Custom Upholstery Shopping Checklist

    Shopping for custom upholstery is not as easy as you think. There are many things to consider and plenty of preparation to do before you even get to the store and start shopping.

    Our Shopping Checklist will help you:

    • Ask the important questions
    • Take the right measurements
    • Do your due diligence
    • Consider logistics and timelines
    • Prep for your furniture delivery

    Customer Testimonial

    "I have to say our first patio set was one we bought online a few years ago thinking it was a better deal than buying from a patio store. I highly recommend going to Skylar's. The quality is so much better and you get to deal with excellent customer service and someone who will guarantee you get what you ask for. " - Bethann V.