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    • Amphora Firetable - Skylar's Home and Patio
    • Amphora Firetable - Skylar's Home and Patio

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    Amphora Firetable


    The Amphora Firetable from Skylar's Home and Patio features a clean and classic design that will serve as the new focal point of your outdoor living space. This table will not only keep you warm while you enjoy a relaxing drink but also add to the atmosphere of your evening.

    The Amphora Firetable is great to sit around and enjoy some nice conversation. Made right here in the US, the Amphora Firetable is constructed with durable pre-cast concrete top with a stylish concrete base that can withstand all types of climates. The Amphora Firetable is lit with a push-button ignitor and has an adjustable flame by way of a key valve.  This fire table can be used with lava rock, gas logs, or the always popular fireglass. No matter what type of firepit media you choose, the Amphora Firetable definitely enhance your outdoor patio living experience.

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    Make the most of your outdoor space with the Amphora Fire Table! With it’s mixture of elegant and modern styling, the Amphora Fire Table is one of the most eye-catching fire tables available. It can be fueled by a natural gas or propane gas line.

    Dimensions: 48″ dia x 23″ h

    Wt. 500# / Pieces 3