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Custom Sofas and Sectionals at Skylar’s

Here at Skylar’s we understand the frustrating and sometimes difficult process of ordering a custom sofa or sectional. In many ways, a custom piece of furniture is an extension of yourself. You want it to exude the essence of style, yet not in a tacky way, and still be comfortable. The pressure of picking every single component (frame, fabric, legs, nail heads, fills, welting, cushions, etc.) and then praying that it all looks great and matches your room (or at least the image you had in your head) is enough to make the average person nauseous! That’s why our design consultants literally hold your hand and explain the daunting details during the entire process. Need input, ask us, don’t want any outside opinions, no problem!

What we do best here at Skylar’s Home and Patio is facilitate your custom furniture shopping experience and give you the necessary resources to make the best decision possible, and therefore helping you purchase the best piece of custom furniture you possibly can.

So please browse the site and check out all the wonderful styles we have to choose from, but know that this process is best done in store where you can touch and feel all the textiles, wood samples and even sit in your future sofa. You wouldn’t buy a car online without driving it would you? So why do the same with a piece of custom upholstery that will be the new rockstar of your living room?

Custom Sectionals

Custom Sofas

Satisfied Customers

  • They offer unique and rustic furniture with a modern twist.  I am constantly getting compliments on my furniture and consistently send really happy customers his way.  Go there.  Check it out.  You won't be disappointed.

    -Shelby N.

  • The level of detail you receive differentiates Skylars from the big box stores. The custom Leather furniture and sectionals is far and above anywhere else in San Diego. Highly recommend this store - and now with their second location it makes it so much more convenient to get to.

    -Dan W.

  • I couldn't be happier with the whole experience and will definitely be back when I need to upgrade my home furnishings at a price that is reasonable!  I don't think there is any reason to look elsewhere!

    - Carrie Z.

  • Great service, friendly owner. My boyfriend and I were looking for patio furniture and went to check out this new location.  Great selection of patio furniture. We also found the perfect couch for our living room!  Skylar was very friendly, knowledgeable and didn't hover - just gave us the basic run down and let us browse and discuss until we were ready to make a deal - which we did!  Check this place out!

    -Heather G.

  • Great service and selection. From the details to the logistics....Skylar and his crew have everything for everyone. Brent was very helpful in the design of our custom sectional. Best furniture store in San Diego!

    -Joel G.